All the Buyer’s rights associated with the provision of guarantees for delivered goods, as well as for refunds or exchanges for those goods are carried out in compliance with the laws on retail trade and consumer protection in the Slovak Republic.


1. Guarantees

1.1. All products sold through the Wellenmark online store are genuine, in the original packaging and with the manufacturer's guarantee. Their quality meets the requirements stipulated by current legislation and is confirmed by relevant certificates.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that after opening the original packaging, you may encounter a product that contains hidden defects or production faults. Any such deficiencies would constitute evidence that the product does not meet mandatory quality standards.

1.2. Based on Law 250/2007 Z.z. the Buyer shall have the right, within the 14 days that comprise the guarantee period, to contact the Seller for a refund or exchange of defective goods. Under these guarantee obligations, we, the Seller, undertake to ensure we satisfy the buyer’s demand to correct any defects. The guarantee period starts from the day the order is delivered to the Buyer.

1.3. The Seller is responsible for defective goods if they fail to prove that the defects occurred after the transfer of goods to the Buyer because of violating the terms of goods storage or usage, as well as due to intentional acts of third parties.


2. Exchanges and Returns

2.1. The Buyer can return only food products of SUBSTANDARD quality. Goods of substandard quality are products unfit for use containing faults or flaws that were discovered after opening the original packaging, as well as goods which have passed their sell-by date.

Food products of STANDARD quality CANNOT be returned or exchanged.

2.2. The Buyer has the right to refuse receipt of substandard goods, or to require a replacement within 14 days of receiving the order.

Buyer’s claims submitted after the 14 day deadline are not covered by the exchange or refund policy.

2.3. When submitting a claim to the Seller, the Buyer has the right to choose one of the following:

  • Exchanging the defective goods for the same goods without defects.
  • Exchanging the defective goods for a similar product of another brand, recalculating the amount paid.
  • Refund.
  • The Buyer has the right to a discount if they wish to keep the product regardless of the discovered defects.

2.4. In order to return or exchange the goods to the Seller, the Buyer must come into the Wellenmark store and submit the following documents:

  • Exchange request form, with detailed information on the reason for the return.
  • The proof of purchase document for the returned goods (sales receipt or invoice).
  • Proof of identity.

2.5. The Seller examines and makes a decision on the Buyer’s submitted claims within 3 working days of receiving the goods and the claim letter. In cases requiring further examination of the quality of the goods, as carried out by an independent service, this period may be extended until the end of the examination.

2.6. If a decision is made based on the Buyer’s claim regarding exchange of the goods, the Seller within 1 business day provides the delivery service with non-defective goods for transfer to the Buyer.


3. Refunds

3.1. Refunds shall be made within 3 days after receiving the Buyer’s information about full or partial refusal to take the prepaid Order or about the decision on the refund for the substandard goods.

3.2. Refunds to the Buyer for cancelled Orders or substandard products are made in the same way that was used for initial payment; or, in case the Seller has no means to use a particular payment option, by transferring funds to the bank account of the Buyer.

Please note:

  • Cash refund (proved by the sales receipt) requires proof of ID for the recipient.
  • Non-cash funds transfer for cancelled orders may incur a bank fee levied from the amount refunded to the Buyer, in which case the Buyer will get the refund minus the fee levied by the payment transfer system.

In case the Buyer refuses or fails to fulfil the above conditions, the Seller has the right to refuse acceptance of the goods being returned.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

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Advertising Agencies

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