Welcome to the www.wellenmark.sk on-line store! Please familiarize yourself with the current Terms and Conditions prior to purchase, as by placing an order you are agreeing to the stipulations contained therein.



The Buyer – legal or sui juris individual person who independently place orders on the website.

The Seller – Higher s.r.o. ID 46 575 707. Registered at ORSR 80067/B

Online store – website owned by the seller and displaying the products offered for sale as well as the payment and delivery terms.

The Website – a resource located on the internet at www.wellenmark.sk.

The Product – products offered for sale on the seller's website.

The Order – duly executed request of the Buyer for the purchase and delivery of the Products selected on the website to the specified address.


1. General Provisions

1.1. Terms and Conditions constitute public offer and regulate seller’s relations with the buyers who use Wellenmark online store intended for distance selling via the internet of the products presented in their catalogue.

1.2. All issues not covered by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the framework of commercial relations are governed by the relevant provisions of Commercial Code no. 513/1991

1.3. The seller has the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Changes to the Terms and Conditions enter into force upon their publication on the website and apply to orders made after the date of publication.

1.4. Current version of the Terms and Conditions is available at the internet address.


2. Information About Online Store Products, Their Characteristics and The Price

2.1. All products in the Wellenmark online store are sold in accordance with current law, without prejudice to any third parties.

2.2. All website information about the products and their graphical depiction are valid and correspond to the real parameters of the goods. In the event the buyer requires more information about properties and characteristics of the products, the buyer must contact the seller by phone or email to clarify such issues before placing an order.

2.3. All prices listed on the website include VAT calculated in accordance with legal regulations in force at the time of payment.

2.4. The price of products purchased by the buyer on the website does not include the delivery cost.

2.5. For catchweight products, selling price is calculated based on the actual weight figures obtained by weighing.

2.6. Prices displayed on the Website depend on the offers of business partners and suppliers of the Seller. Therefore, the Seller is entitled to change the price of the Products published on the site at any time and without notice. Such price changes do not affect Orders already made and paid for by the Buyer.


3. Rights and Obligations of The Seller

3.1. The seller runs their business using the Wellenmark store located at: Rovniankova st. 12, 851 02 Bratislava.

3.2. Rights and obligations stated in these Terms and Conditions apply to the seller from the time of receiving the order payment confirmation.

3.3. The seller shall inform the buyer about the status of the accepted order via the online store and via the email. The seller is not responsible for the actual time the buyer receives the email with the order status information.

3.4. The seller is entitled to refund and cancel the order any time prior to dispatch of the products in case the buyer had unreasonably refused previous orders, or provided a false or non-existent address or telephone number.

3.5. The seller has the right to provide supplemental information to the buyer about other products and special offers, by email and mobile telephone, if the buyer has agreed to receive such information.

3.6. The seller has the right to offer the buyer product discounts and bonus programs. Types of discounts, bonuses, relevant terms and conditions are provided on the website under the Offers and Discounts section and can be changed by the seller at their discretion.

3.7 The Seller bears no responsibility for:

  • the content and accuracy of the information provided by the buyer when ordering (the seller does not edit this information in any way);
  • information provided by the buyer on the website in the public domain;
  • damage caused to the buyer due to the improper use of products purchased from the online store.

3.8. The seller reserves the right to edit, delete, or place on the online store any information about the products, to change the prices of goods and services, to delete or modify any or all sections of the online store, at their sole discretion and without prior notice.


4. The Rights and Obligations of The Buyer

By placing an order through the Wellenmark online store, the buyer unconditionally agrees to the Terms and Conditions.

4.1. Payment for the order initiates a Purchase Contract between the seller

and the buyer; the buyer assumes all rights and obligations provided by the Terms and Conditions.

4.2. The buyer acquires the ownership rights to the products purchased through the online store at the time of payment, the receipt of products from the carrier and signing the enclosed documents.

4.3. To place an order the buyer must provide personal information: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, and delivery details. The buyer agrees to provide the seller with accurate and complete personal information as prompted in the registration form, as well as to keep such information up to date.

4.4. When buying products from the online store, the buyer creates a password-protected website account. The buyer can use this account to monitor the status of the order and for other operations allowed for registered users.

4.5. The buyer agrees not to disclose their website account password to third parties. In the event the buyer suspects leak of data about the password, the buyer shall promptly change the website password.

4.6. If the buyer lives in a restricted-access residential complex, they shall ensure access for the seller’s personnel delivering the order. The seller is not responsible for failure to fulfil the order in the event of an inaccessible delivery address.

4.7. The buyer may opt out of receiving emails from the seller by sending an email request to the seller or by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of each email.


5. Main Terms and Conditions of Operation

5.1. Placement of an order through the online store is available to both registered and non-registered buyers.

5.2. The buyer can place an order by telephone, email the request to the seller or individually complete the order online. For more details on the ordering procedure, please see User’s Guide.

5.3 Other key conditions essential for the buyer placing an order are given in the sections PaymentDeliveryWarranties and Refunds, which are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions and available on the website as separate materials.


6. Buyer’s Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

6.1. Personal data of the buyer are processed in accordance with and based on Law no. 122/2013 Z.z. Privacy Statement

6.2. By registering with the website, the buyer authorises the seller and voluntarily consents to the processing by the seller and their contractors of the personal data necessary to complete the buyer’s order and to guarantee other activities linked to the buyer’s use of the website. The buyer also agrees to the usage of the provided data for automated anonymised analysis to improve the quality of service, for promotion of products and services by the seller and for other cases as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.
If after completion of the order the buyer objects to the processing of personal data, they must apply to the seller’s Customer Service to remove all the received information (including login, password, order history and bonus balance) from the seller’s customer database.

6.3. The seller may use cookies, as cookies contain no confidential information. The visitors and the buyer hereby consent to the collection, analysis and use of cookies, including by third parties for the purposes of statistics and advertising optimization.

6.4. The seller receives information about the IP-address of each visitor to the www.wellenmark.sk website. This information is not used to identify the visitor.

6.5. In order to improve the quality of service, the seller is entitled to record telephone conversations with the buyer. The seller undertakes, in accordance with applicable law, to prevent unauthorized access to the information obtained through telephone conversations or transfer of such information to third parties not directly related to the execution of the order.

6.6. Provision of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law do not constitute violation of the seller’s obligations.


7. Legal Status of The Information Available on The Website

7.1. Copyright for information materials (including but not limited to: images, photographs, text, logos, design of individual website blocks and the entire website) displayed on the website belongs to the seller and other copyright holders who consented to online placement of their materials. Other persons are not entitled to use the materials available on the website, to copy, in whole or in part, to distribute, modify, or reproduce these materials without prior permission of the seller and (or) other copyright holders.

7.2. All rights to information materials, including images (photographs) available on the website, are protected under national and international law.

7.3. If using any information materials and images (photographs) from the website on the Internet, active hyperlink to the site in the form: www.wellenmark.sk is obligatory.


8. Other Conditions

8.1. Other buyer's rights re Law no. 250/2007 Z.z. Consumer Protection.

8.2. The parties will try to resolve all claims and disputes between the buyer and the seller through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be submitted to the Court in accordance with the current legislation of the Slovak Republic.

8.3. In the case of documented and verified force majeure, the parties shall be exempt from the obligations stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

8.4. Declaring any provision of the Terms and Conditions invalid by the Court does not apply to the remaining provisions, leaving them intact.


Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

We offer our corporate customers the preparation of gift package designs according to individual requirements. We take a care about the production process and delivery to various addresses.

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Wholesale partners will find a wide range of exclusive products at attractive wholesale prices with us. We can ensure the fast and reliable delivery of goods throughout Slovak Republic and neighbor countries.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies

We will be happy to prepare gift proposals for advertising agencies according to the client's demand. We are ready to be a long-term supplier and partner for stable and mutually beneficial relationships.

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