We love developing lasting relationships with our clients and welcoming regular customers to our stores. Now, every time you shop in our stores you’ll get something back: we are offering a convenient and easy way to get extra benefits – a Loyalty Card for the “Wellenmark Bonus Partner” Program (hereinafter the Program), which operates throughout the territory of Slovakia and enables you to: 

  • collect and accumulate purchase bonuses;
  • use bonuses for subsequent purchases in Wellenmark stores and via the online shop www.wellenmark.sk;
  • receive unique special offers and product discounts;
  • stay in-the-loop about our news and Wellenmark food tastings calendar.

At the same time, we will continue delighting you with excellent service and high-quality gifts for every occasion.


1. General Provisions

1. 1. The Program is only available to individual citizens of Slovakia over 18 years of age. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs buying the products for further operations are unable to join the program.

1. 2. There are two options for joining the Program:

  • get a Loyalty Card when paying for a purchase in any Wellenmark store, or
  • register via the online store www.wellenmark.sk

1. 3. By becoming a member, you:


2. Loyalty Card

2.1. The Loyalty Card (hereinafter the Card) is a special branded plastic card with a unique number and a bar code on the reverse side. The Card identifies the Member in the Program and allows accumulation and use of their bonuses as payment for purchases in Wellenmark retail stores and the online store.

2.2. The Card is issued FREE OF CHARGE regardless of the amount spent, at the time of purchase at any Wellenmark retail store. 

2.3. Completing and signing of the Program Membership Form (which is available at the checkouts) is a mandatory condition for obtaining the Card.

2.4. The Membership Form is considered properly completed and will be accepted by the store personnel if:

  • It is completed in clear writing, using capital letters, without corrections;
  • all the required fields (marked with an asterisk) are completed.

After being completed and signed, the Membership Form should be handed to the store personnel who will enter the information into the Loyalty Program database and activate your Card.

2.5. When registering via the Wellenmark online store you will get a unique identifier corresponding to a unique Loyalty Card number. In this case, the Membership Form will be filled automatically and the data of your future Card are linked to your personal account.

2.6. Until you have the Loyalty Card, you will be unable to use your bonuses for payments at the store checkout, though you can accumulate and use them for online store payment. For your bonuses to be available at the checkout, you must get a Loyalty Card from any Wellenmark store (regardless of the purchase), informing the staff of your name and delivery address and personally completing and signing the Membership Form.

2.7. If the Card holder wants to change their contact information, they are required to fill in another Form at any Wellenmark store. You may also change your personal data via your online Account. 


3. Using the Loyalty Card

3.1. To accumulate bonuses or use them to pay for goods and services, you should always present your Card to the cashier when shopping at Wellenmark retail stores.  No bonuses will be given if the client fails to show the cashier the Loyalty Card at the time of purchase.

3.2.1. To get bonuses at the Wellenmark online store you need to log in and use the checkout from your Account. Purchase bonuses will then be automatically calculated and applied to your bonus account after delivery of the order.

3.2.2. To use your accrued bonuses, log in and enter the amount of bonuses you wish to use towards your order during checkout. 

3.2.3. The bonus Program also works for cases where the goods were ordered and purchased online but delivered to a retail store.

3.3. When ordering by phone, you can only accrue bonuses; payment with bonuses by phone is not possible. To get the bonuses, give the manager your Card number or your email for logging into your personal account at the online store.


4. Bonus calculation and usage

4.1. As a Member of the Program, you accumulate bonuses for each purchase, starting with the first completed purchase in our stores or via the online www.wellenmark.sk store.

4.2. For each €1 spent in Wellenmark stores, you get one bonus equal to 0,05€. The total amount of accrued bonuses equals to the rounded value of your purchase.

4.3. Bonuses are awarded for the purchase of all goods and services, except: 

  • those paid for using a Wellenmark gift certificate or coupon code;
  • promotional goods;
  • bonuses used for the current payment for goods or services;
  • delivery costs.

4.4. Bonuses are added to your bonus account in your Account automatically, within one day from the date of:

  • payment and delivery of the goods, when delivery is requested;
  • payment for goods using the Card at any Wellenmark store. 

From that moment, your bonuses are active and can be used for payments for subsequent purchases.

4.5. Bonuses cannot be exchanged for cash. But you can use bonuses to make an online payment at the www.wellenmark.sk store or when buying goods and services in Wellenmark shops. Your bonuses can be used to pay either part of the purchase or the entire amount.

4.6. When using bonuses for payment at the checkout or via the online store, the amount of available bonuses you specify will be deducted from your Card.


5. Order Cancellation

5.1. Bonuses used for the Order payment will be debited back to your bonus account if you cancel the Order:

  • via a Wellenmark manager,
  • at the moment of receiving the goods on delivery,
  • or you are unable to pick up the order within a reasonable amount of time.

5.2. If you cancel a part of the order that has already been delivered and signed for, and the amount of the spent bonuses is below the price of the remaining order, the amount of the used bonuses does not change and will be charged in full upon delivery of the goods. In this situation, if the order has been paid for in advance, your overpayment will be sent to your bank account. (For more details, see the Returns and Refunds Section)


6. Bonuses Validity Period

6.1. The validity of the accrued bonuses is limited to one calendar year, which begins on February 1 of the current year and ends on January 30 of the next. After that date, a new period of bonus accumulation and use begins.

6.2. Bonuses that were received but unused in the current period are cancelled. Bonus validity period CANNOT BE EXTENDED.


7. Balance Checking and Bonus Information

7.1. All operations with your Card are shown in the Bonus Account tab of your Account at the online store www.wellenmark.sk.

7.2. You can also check bonus-related information by contacting:

  • A Wellenmark store manager, phone +421 948 041 143
  • A customer support employee or a cashier at any of our stores.

7.3. You can personally monitor bonuses received for each purchase. Information on the accrued bonuses can be found:

  • on the invoice provided by the courier upon delivery;
  • on the store receipt issued after the payment for goods/services at the checkout.


8. Changes to the Membership Program / Membership Cancellation and (or) Revocation of Personal Data

8.1. Wellenmark reserves the right to change the Program terms. The rules are subject to change without prior notice to the Members. The current terms of the Program are always published on the website

8.2. You can opt out of the Program and (or) withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time by writing a Program withdrawal notification or a withdrawal notification for data processing consent, in one of our stores or by email. Please note:

  • Your Program membership will be terminated;
  • Your Card will be blocked, the Card bonuses will be void and cannot be recovered; 
  • processing of your personal data is terminated; within thirty (30) days from the date of your application the data will be removed from our systems. 


9. Loyalty Card Replacement and Restoration

9.1. To replace or restore your Loyalty Card, contact any Wellenmark shop, complete the Application Form and get a new Loyalty Card.

9.2. The new Card is activated automatically at the time of replacement; all the accumulated bonuses and transaction history will be preserved. Your old plastic Card will be blocked and cannot be used any longer.

9.3. In the case of Card recovery or replacement due to loss, your bonuses will be transferred to the new Card and it will be automatically linked to your existing personal account on the online store.

9.4. Bonuses used by third parties after the loss of the Card cannot be restored.

9.5. Bonus transfer between different Accounts of the online store is not allowed.


10. Other Conditions

10.1. Wellenmark stores reserve the right to block the Card and refuse bonus accrual in the case of intentional violation of the Loyalty Program rules by the Member, as well as the right to cancel, without notifying the Member, any bonuses that might be erroneously accrued because of technical failure of the Loyalty Program.

10.2. If due to technical failure the Card transactions are impossible, Wellenmark stores reserve the right to refuse a client a bonus Card operation until such failure has been remedied.


Thank you for reading the terms of the Program! We wish you interesting and hassle-free shopping with your “Wellenmark Bonus Partner” Loyalty Card.


Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

We offer our corporate customers the preparation of gift package designs according to individual requirements. We take a care about the production process and delivery to various addresses.

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Advertising Agencies

We will be happy to prepare gift proposals for advertising agencies according to the client's demand. We are ready to be a long-term supplier and partner for stable and mutually beneficial relationships.

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