1. General Conditions

1.1. Higher s.r.o. (www.wellenmark.sk e-shop operator) hereby represents and warrants that all personal data are considered private and confidential and as such are handled in compliance with Slovak Republic law 122/2013 and the Terms and Conditions of Higher s.r.o..

1.2. The seller represents and warrants that all personal data are confidential and such will be used only for the performance of the agreement entered into with the purchaser and for the marketing purposes of the seller (incl. marketing activities performed together with the contractual partners of the seller). The personal data will not be published or disclosed to third parties, with the exception of cases where such disclosure is necessary for the distribution of and payment for the ordered goods (name, account number, shipping address) or for special marketing purposes.

1.3. In handling the personal data, the purchaser proceeds without detriment to the rights of the entity disclosing the personal data, namely the right to human dignity, and cares for the protection of the private and personal life of the same from unauthorised intervention. The personal data disclosed willingly by the purchaser for the purposes of placing the order and marketing are collected, processed and stored in compliance with Slovak Republic law 122/2013.

1.4. The purchaser gives consent to the seller to collect and process the disclosed personal data for the performance of the purchase agreement in question and for the marketing purposes of the seller (text messages and order updates).

1.5. The consent is granted until revoked in writing by sending the notice of revocation to info@wellenmark.sk or submitting the notice in writting form to Higher s.r.o., Rovniankova 12, 851 02 Bratislava.

1.6. Customers making a claim with Higher s.r.o. are required to provide their full name, address, telephone number and signature (digital signature) whereby such disclosed personal data are processed exclusively for the purposes of handling the claim and in compliance with Slovak Republic law 122/2013.

1.7. In order to prevent criminality and minimise the damage, Alza reserves the right to reject an order placed by the purchaser from a blocked IP address listed on a blacklist.


2. Personal Data Operations

2.1. In order to execute a business transaction with you, we need to obtain your name (full name or corporate name, company registration number and contact person respectively), signature, address (invoice address and, as the case might be, mailing address), telephone number and e-mail address. In addition, we keep a record of all business transactions you have executed with us so far.

If you collect your order paid in advance via the internet, collect the claimed goods or receive a credit note from us, you might be asked to present your ID document (ID card or passport) in order to prevent damage and legitimisation of proceeds of crime. If you reject to present any of these documents, you might be refused to collect the goods or be refunded the amount due.

2.2. In order to execute a business transaction with you and deliver the goods to the designated place, we need to get in contact with you and obtain the aforementioned details that you disclose in the course of your registration with us, whether temporary or permanent. Since these personal data are disclosed for the purposes of executing a respective business transaction with you, you are not required to give your explicit consent thereto.


3. Cookies And Their Use

3.1. In obtaining the consent to personal data processing, Higher s.r.o. may use cookies in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC (aka Cookie Directive).

3.2. The users may prevent the cookies from being stored in their end devices, for instance, by running the anonymous browsing function.


Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

We offer our corporate customers the preparation of gift package designs according to individual requirements. We take a care about the production process and delivery to various addresses.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies

We will be happy to prepare gift proposals for advertising agencies according to the client's demand. We are ready to be a long-term supplier and partner for stable and mutually beneficial relationships.

Customer Support

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