Is there a difference between the online and offline store price?

No. The price is identical in both cases.

What determines the time required to assemble an individual order?

Gift basket assembly time depends on how fast we confirm the order details with you, and on the seasonal workload of employees at our logistics department.

Can I create a list of favourite products without adding them to the basket?

You can add a particular item that you like to the “Favourites” list to make it easier to find in future. For more information, please see the User’s Guide Section.

Can I choose the day and hour of delivery?
Can I see my order history and the status of a current order?

After registering, you will have your own online account with order history and current order status.

Is it possible to provide a different delivery address?

In the online account, you can specify any delivery address to be used for order delivery. When placing a specific order, select the address from your list or add a new one. Addresses and numbers that you enter during the ordering process are automatically added to the address book in your account.

Can I change the composition of a finished gift basket?

Of course! For details, see the article “Assembling your gift”.

Can I change an existing order?

Once you have placed your order, you can agree any necessary changes to it and add any items you want by giving the details over the phone. Give us a call or send an e-mail to the address provided in our Contacts, or leave a message via the Contact Form. To speed up the processing, please specify your Order number.

Can I build my online order over several site visits (over several days)?

Yes! All goods placed in the basket of a registered user remain there until ordered or removed from the basket.

What are the specifics of weighed goods?

For such products there is a minimum ordering weight. For example, the minimum order for loose sweets is 100 grams (0.22 lb).

Delivered Order slightly differs from the online store photos. Delivered Order has different decorative components (twigs/ribbons). Why?

Niektoré z ozdôb nemusia byť na sklade (nemusia byť dostupné u dodávateľa alebo výrobcu), naši návrhári ich nahradia podobnou ozdobou, aby sa zachoval celkový vzhľad darčekového koša.

Prečo sa mi nedarí pridať produkt do košíka?

If some of the decor elements are out of stock (unavailable from the supplier or from the manufacturer), our designers can always provide a replacement using a similar ornament and thus leaving intact the overall look and style of your gift.

What if I am not at the delivery address at the time of delivery?

If the Recipient is unavailable at the time of delivery, the courier will wait for 20 minutes. In this case, the courier or a store manager will phone you to resolve the situation. If the Recipient is still unavailable, the order is considered completed and the goods are returned to the warehouse of the online store where the Buyer can either collect them over the next 24 hours or order a new delivery.

Why am I unable to add a product to my order?

It may be that the JavaScript option has been disabled in your web browser (usually if the high security level is on), or antivirus software is blocking these operations. We suggest you contact your system administrator to resolve the issue or finish your order via a phone call.

Can I use my discount card when buying in the online store?

Discount cards that you’ve received in the retail store work with the Wellenmark online store, too.

P.S. If we missed something and your question remains unanswered, we are happy to help. If necessary, please contact us using the Contact Information, so that our managers can help you.

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