Juices and Soft Drinks

Juice, Tonic and Soft Drinks

Mineral water, soft drinks, sweet fizzy drinks... Delicious and refreshing. They have long been in our lives, providing the widest choice, as well as a nice opportunity to quench your thirst, to see what real fun is.

In fact, famous brands of mineral water and soft drinks have become a sign of luxury – these bottles are considered an indispensable part of business meetings and various high-level events. Their well-balanced blends, special and unique tastes, and high-quality grant them a well-deserved place on the menus and tables of upmarket restaurants.

There, these drinks are usually used as an ingredient in intriguing cocktails – or by the clients, who rinse the taste buds in order to feel the entire range of subtle tastes of fine wines and dishes.

We are also very pleased to delight you with the world-renowned drinks. Choose from our range of sparkling soft drinks and mineral water. Just add them to your order and, before long, you’ll get at your home or office the invigorating pleasure that results in positive emotions and a good mood throughout the day.

Refresh yourself with amusing restorative “prickly” bubbles of cooling drinks and sodas with a variety of flavours – you'll appreciate their exceptional quality.

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