Green, Black and Herbal Teas

For many centuries, tea has been considered the world’s most popular, tasty and refined beverage. A cup of tea invites a conversation or a discussion about current affairs and future plans. Good tea creates a tranquil atmosphere, gives joy, invigorates, improves your mood or simply helps you to feel the joy of the present moment.

We want to make sure you get all of this and make a good choice, so we offer you a wide selection of teas - from traditional black and green varieties to Puer products. We offer the best brands of tea from India, China, Kenya, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Each of the brands includes a range of teas and focuses your attention on the unique taste of the drink, inviting you to enjoy the desired aroma and taste, astringency or tenderness, and pleasing aftertaste.

At Wellenmark, you are always welcome to buy high-quality fine teas and fragrant tea blends with unique flavours based on combinations of different tealeaves, pieces of fruit, delicate flower petals, remedial plants and herbs that give the drink completely new shades of taste.

You can buy top quality leaf teas in a variety of packages for yourself or as a gift for a special person. After all, an excellent tea in an elegant tin package is a wonderful gift for that special someone, be they connoisseur or amateur and collector of interesting trivia.

To immerse yourself in the subtle magic world of flavours and fragrances you simply have to order the tea via the Wellenmark online store, brew it and pour into your favourite cup. The pleasure is immediate.

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