Chocolate spreads and syrups

Chocolate Creams, Toppings and Syrups

Adding finishing touches to a treat. Conjuring up a dessert that is difficult to resist. Expanding the range of your favourite dishes with unique tastes and extra dimensions. This is the job of chocolate creams, toppings and syrups – a large group of optional sweet additives, flavourings that give food and drink their taste and smell, sometimes colour and always a special, gentle, seductive texture.

The variations are so diverse that they cover almost all known flavours, including tropical exotica, and form the broadest possible range of uses.

They are served with meat, seafood, fish and vegetable dishes. They form an ingredient of snacks with an exceptional, unbeatable taste. They are used in various cocktails, sparkling drinks and coffee.

For lovers of diverse flavours, we present our product range from which you can choose and buy dessert-, chocolate-, nut- and fruit-based additives, syrups and toppings with flavours you love and use them to create your personal drinks and meals. Create brand new culinary treats, ensuring their special piquancy and exquisite charm, emphasizing their flavour with a subtle pleasant aftertaste and delightful nuances.

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