Dry Bakery

Chips and Crackers

Crispbread, breadsticks, stick biscuits, crackers, rusks — here we are onto the Dry Bakery products, the nobles of the bakery with an ever-growing fan base.

Today, dry bakery means crunchy treats that have multiplied, thanks to additions and spices, into a range of brands with an entire palette of flavours, from soothing creamy shades to provocative cheese and onion nuances that serve as a good alternative to the conventional yeast bread. A delicious and distinctive snack, these goods have conquered both buffet tables and restaurants alike. They are used as a complement to the main course or as a convenient sandwich base that blends well with any high cuisine fantasies: chocolates and jams, delicate caviar, all kinds of meat, vegetable, mushroom pates or ethereal taste of cheeses.

We offer you a range of dry bakery goods made from different wholemeal flour, baked using original recipes, distinctive in their appearance and taste. Acquiring these, you are getting interesting goods that are perfect for any needs and will diversify any table.

Try bread products baked from finest quality dough with first and second courses, sauces or pates. Satisfy the hunger and appreciate the taste, savouring the products with other courses, as a supplement to strong alcohol, wine or beer. Get new senses of taste and pleasure from the multipurpose crispbreads, adding them to your favourite dishes.

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