Tea, Сoffee, Other Beverages

Green Tea, Coffee Beans and Hot Cacao

Non-alcoholic beverages of all kinds form a special part of our nutrition. These include sparkling lemonades and natural juice-based refreshing drinks with nose-tickling soda bubbles, invigorating teas, coffee and energy drinks — the list could go on and on.

To familiarise you with this infinite choice, we have selected the most intriguing beverages, from table mineral water and fizzy drinks to the best brands of tea, coffee and fragrant cocoa, from classic bouquets to exotic combinations.

Their flavour sprouts from combinations of leaves and fruits, fruit and berry juices, herbal extracts and crystal-clear water. Produced in different parts of the globe, they will fill your life with new flavours, while the stylish design would help to decorate a festive table, business buffet or a picnic.

Browse through this amazing variety, choose the products that are right for you and enjoy your favourite drinks. We are confident that you will love our proposed range. Order at Wellenmark to get fresh and healthy drinks that make life more enjoyable.

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