Jams and Confitures

Fruit Jams and Berry Confitures

Jams and confitures – these unpretentious desserts can bring real joy, can add a sweet pleasure to our life, making it more delicious and enjoyable.

These are the perfect complement to any table, delicious treats that delight everyone. For a real connoisseur, there are many options. You can eat these with baked goods or add to an alcoholic cocktail, serve with a cheese plate or as a component of a side dish for a meat course, infusing everything around with a provocative bouquet.

Come to Wellenmark and find here a collection of different jams and confitures that offer seductive flavours to seduce even the most discerning connoisseur, to introduce sweet fruit and berry notes, and to add vibrant shades to a variety of drinks and meals.

Organic, flavourful and incredibly delicious – peach, apricot and orange, blackberry and currant, cherry and strawberry, plum, raspberry – jams, multivitamin jams are presented in different consistencies ranging from jelly-like mass of pureed berries to whole-fruit or sliced fruits cooked in syrup. Buy these, try them at your leisure and you will be charmed by their delightful texture and delicate taste created to please you.

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