Panettone and Pastry

Panettone and Pastry

Whether you are planning a celebration or just want to present an unconventional delicious dessert as a gift, check out the variety of pastries, strudels, fluffy cupcakes and muffins, croissants, puff pastries and other delights. Genuine pastries offering divine tastes and delicious fillings made by producers in different countries according to their original recipes.

Each recipe has been painstakingly thought-out and tasted time and time again. And each pastry simply enthrals, finding scores of admirers around the globe. After all, a good pastry is something that everyone loves.

Now you can choose different types of pastries and various popular brands, too. Made from fresh water-, yeast-, puff-, biscuit- or short-crust dough, these delicatessen are quite interesting as a dessert delicacy with a distinctive taste and flavour. While you are getting mouth-watering products that always aim to please.

Sweet pastries with their elegant celebratory look and crispy aromatic crust that conceals a soft inner texture will perfectly suit a family occasion or corporate event alike, becoming a real decoration for the table. Go all the way, treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious pastry easily found in the Wellenmark range.

Simply buy or order a home delivery for the delicacies you like and you’re a step away from appreciating the finest-quality pastry with a variety of mouth-watering flavours of berries, fruits, jams, caramel and chocolate.

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