Canned Fruits

Fruits Canned in Sugar Syrup

Canned fruits are an exquisite treat that rightly belongs among top-grade delicatessen. We offer a wide range of amazing ready-made desserts – canned fruit and fruit in syrup. Their luscious delicate taste, attractive appearance and appetizing smell make an ideal side dish to serve at a holiday table, as a cocktail ingredient, an extra for the salad or even for use in meat dishes.

Here you will find the most sought-after canned fruits with vivid tastes and aromas: pineapple, pear, peach, apricot, cherry, plum, fruit smoothies and fruit drinks made of different fruit combinations that are the perfect addition to any table.

Everything in this delicious range is made of different whole or sliced fruits canned in sugar syrup or in their own juices. Buy them to taste, to discover new elegant combinations of fruit and other foods that will delight you and your family. At Wellenmark, you will find everything you need for this. Perfect desserts of fruits and berries that exude freshness and taste.

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