Mini Bottles

Mini Bottles of Famous Spirits

The world of alcohol is amazing and diverse, just like our lives. It has its own soul and character, its own mood. It includes so many delicious, intriguing and surprising items that sometimes trying and evaluating it all within a lifetime seems impossible. In this case we’re helped by alcohol producers themselves, who produce miniatures of their alcoholic drinks for promotion and tasting purposes.

Alcoholic beverages in mini bottles — beautiful and unusual. A collection of alcoholic miniatures is an interesting souvenir and elegant gift to mark a celebration. A slim line of small bottles with gleaming transparent drinks would conquer anyone. They possess something mysterious and romantic, they are irresistible to look at, to pick up and contemplate the details. Such a line will receive a thumbs-up both from collectors who gather miniature spirit bottles and from gourmets who delight in experimenting and searching for new taste sensations.

Buy varied alcohol in mini bottles to arrange a personal tasting of its bouquets. This way you’d be able to try many items otherwise hard to afford. And perhaps because of you, someone — or even you — will find a drink that would initiate an incredibly rewarding experience, forever becoming the best alcohol brand of your life.

Uncover the tastes of different alcoholic drinks, their contradicting and complementary points, seek new sensations and pleasure in the gifts with exquisitely packaged alcohol miniatures offered by Wellenmark.

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