Soft Cheese and Hard Cheese

Good cheese is unique, nutritious delicatessen with an intriguing range of bouquets, delightful textures, and a variety of flavours. They go well with a wide range of products ranging from vegetables, meat, seafood to sweets, pastries and desserts, which turns them into a source of real gustatory pleasure available to everyone.

We offer you delicious, high-quality cheeses from our range — hard and soft, blue and standard, tender and enticingly ripe, crusted in ash and washed in wine, matured in straw and in hazel leaves. You'll find the best cheeses from the real “cheese factory” kingdoms of the world, as well as unconventional novelties from other countries. This variety creates a wide range of choice and is sure to include a product worthy of decorating a gift or a celebration at the highest level.

Make a feast of cheese delicacies, enjoy the great taste of various kinds delightful for their delicate flavour and elegance and relish in pleasure that, thanks to its beauty and unique flavour, will be remembered for a long time.

Create your own cheese plate, complete a fascinating journey through amazing cheese tastes — intensely spicy and mildly nutty, faintly sour and with herbal hues, vividly fruity and bitter-fatty. The uniqueness of any type of cheese will be unveiled little by little, with every breath of its flavour, with each slice and each new piece of a product and sip of alcohol complementing that slice. All together they will quietly reveal to your taste buds the reasons why they are loved and appreciated all over the world. This is when your lips will smile inadvertently and life will seem as sparkling and delightful as the most amazing holiday!

Buy, try, evaluate, compare and discover the rich variety of cheese — we’ll be happy to help, selecting the most delicious brands and types.

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