Fruit Brandy and Schnaps

Schnaps, Rakija and Fruit Brandy

True connoisseurs of good spirits know that there are no strict rules or standards in the production of fruit brandies. Every one of these liquids is a drink with a special taste, bouquet and strength, which vary depending on the country of production, fruits used, brewing recipe and distillation method.

Plum brandy can be aged in oak barrels or reach the client as “white”, that is transparent, unseasoned fruit distillates valued for their natural flavour. The flavour that centres on the divine beverage aftertaste is still reminiscent of fruit spirits that transmit the delicate taste of fresh fruit.

Pour a glass of "rakija" and you'll see the splashes of sunlight that injected its warmth into delicious fruits.

In any case, a bottle with the “schnaps”, "rakija", "palenka" imprint is always worth a closer look, worth buying, even if only to evaluate its flavour and aroma. Or just stock up with a bottle of selected good brandy for a future high-profile event.

Here in Wellenmark you will find the best traditional brands of fruit brandy — your appreciation of a rich, full-bodied bouquet of this famous beverage is guaranteed. Meet and learn the specific flavour and distinctive lifestyle known as brandy. Drunk by those who love life and know exactly what they want in return.

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