Dear gourmets and connoisseurs of exquisitely refined taste! It is difficult to please those who have tried a range of delicatessen. But we will try to achieve this goal with the help of the section showcasing the ready-to-eat delicatessen products. Or rather, only the most delicious and top quality delicatessen and special offers.

We offer for your delectation meat, fish and other delicatessen of various countries from the greatest makers. Cooked with love, following old original recipes, these are the delicatessen and gourmet dishes that carry a unique bouquet of flavour combinations. This is the part of the gastronomic history and culture, culinary traditions and gastronomic personality that can really excite.

We always strive to ensure that you are pleased by our top-quality exclusive products, so we offer you the delicatessen and groceries of the categories that are particularly appreciated by gourmets, and that will be an excellent gift to connoisseurs of haute cuisine.

People come here seeking new intriguing flavours and inspiration to create their individual gifts, that’s why we made sure our range includes only masterpieces of culinary art. This means that even the rarest delicatessen could easily appear in the gift basket you’re creating.

Carefully carved and packaged delicatessen, lovingly collected from all corners of the globe: products for people who choose top quality, exclusivity and prestige. Certainly the choice worthy of inclusion in your gift.

You’re facing the magic of taste, delight and gastronomic discoveries! Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicatessen purchased in Wellenmark.

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