Wafers, Biscuits, Jams and Other Sweets

Sweets are always a thrill. They are a symbol of heart-warming events and celebrations, they seduce and illuminate life. Here at Wellenmark you’re bound to find a wide selection of intriguing, delicious sweets and the most remarkable, amazing and delicious treats.

For connoisseurs, gourmet lovers and devotees we’ve selected the best and most delicious, the rarest and most genuine, elegant and memorable, the sweetest confections. The ones that have unparalleled taste and offer a peek into the traditions of different nations.

Wafers and wafer rolls, luscious biscuits with jam, ethereal marshmallows and pastila, tender muffins with raisins and candied fruit, cakes and fragrant crispy biscuits, exotic jams and syrups, halva, sherbet, honey nougat, and a host of other treats including original desserts and cakes.

Sounds seductive? Tastes even better! All the treats will literally melt in your mouth. You’ll want to buy and try them all. There is no way of resisting our seductive suggestions that invite you to plunge into the vibrant diversity of sweetness and new experiences, to treat yourself to delectable sweets or make gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Choose your favourite items, place an order and wait for delivery. We will take care of your “sweet” dreams, catering for them in any combination and any quantity.

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