Fine Rum From Caribbean and South America

Rum, with its graceful, balmy and smooth taste, rich history, its spirit of freedom and adventure, and pirate-like bravery remains a popular and unique drink, perfect to savour at any time. White, black, or golden - rum can be enjoyed either as part of a cocktail or as a neat shot. Just one sip of rum whisks you away to the warm sandy beach of a southern country. You are happy and delighted simply to be alive.

Cuba, Jamaica, Dominica, Venezuela, Barbados — many countries make great rum. This encourages diversity: there are many types of the same drink, providing a choice of colour, strength, flavour and aging.

Rum is a drink that calls for indulgence. Treat rum with respect and the spirit will unveil its beauty — only then will you truly appreciate it.

Spare a minute to choose and buy some of the original top rum brands. Buy a drink for those who love adventure!

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