Best Nordic and Russian Vodkas

Arguably, vodka is the result of scientific research and carefully preserved beverage traditions. This is an optimal mixture of alcohol, water and other ingredients. The drink is strong and hard by its nature but quite versatile and diverse, rightly taking prominent place among the premium alcohol brands.

Vodka is a high-demand alcoholic drink. Today, it is a must on the table of any connoisseur of good quality alcohol. Often, owners beautify their feasts with a frosty bottle of this crystal-clear beverage.

We present to you the world-renowned vodka brands. These brands make vodka of distinctive quality, under a wide range names that attract connoisseurs with different flavours and tastes.

You can buy vodka with ginseng, honey, pepper, a variety of fruit and berry ingredients — these define the taste of the drink, making it milder, more dry or burning, but always intriguing so that you can truly appreciate the drinking process.

To us, this taste diversity ensures better service for the client’s needs as we offer only respected global vodka brands that are worthy of keeping on your desk or as a part of your gift. The gift of premium vodka is an impeccable token of your esteem.

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