Cognac, Brandy

Cognac, Armagnac or Brandy

Premium cognac, aged Armagnac, noble "eau-de-vie de vin" brandy are traditionally considered a sophisticated gift. Being a sign of good taste and professional worth of the connoisseur, these are perfect for the person who finds that brand, status and quality are important.

Like most types of brandy, cognac and Armagnac aren’t for drinking, they’re for enjoyment. Their taste is the focal point of the makers’ excellence. They’re admired. Each sip brings a whole range of sensations — the intensity of flavour, complex and subtle overtones.

Top quality and aromatic aftertaste remaining in the mouth after the last sip are the trademark of Armagnac, cognac and other grape brandy sorts valued by fans all over the world.

The quality of each spirit is defined by complexity of its bouquet, which can include up to a hundred overtones at a time. The more overtones there are in the scent and taste, the more exquisite and expensive the drink.

Also, these drinks are that magic ingredient that turns a served dish into a gastronomic delight, creating a whole new range of tastes and sensations.

Acquired cognac or Armagnac is a chance to evaluate the unique diversity of shades in aroma and exquisite bouquet. Enjoy your shopping and meeting the samples of these great, unique and inimitable drinks. Indulge in the whole spectrum of aromas and flavours that provide ever more nuances, more overtones and more... delight.

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