Whiskey, Bourbon

Single Malt Whisky and Blended Whisky

Whiskey is rightly considered a noble drink. Along with cognac and rum, it forms the elite circle of alcohol beverages. Its strength and flavour have conquered many countries, giving rise to many national varieties such as American whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Japanese or Australian sorts that are, in essence, close relatives of each other.

Whiskey gives a head start to any distillate by the variety of flavours and scents: there are smoky, peat, chocolate, citrus, with hints of plummy or vanilla taste, and many others. Their world is huge.

Any whiskey drink is alcohol with a rich content, meaningful flavour, elegant overtones and exquisite colour.

It is appreciated for its taste, maturity of saturated harsh bouquet with persistent and rich traces. Taste range and natural flavour of the alcohol, acquired while it is conditioned using the time-tested technology of malting, distillation and barrel ageing, create a unique, noble hint of a strong spirit. The older the drink, the more softness and depth it offers. Try it, and you’re forever a follower.

Malt, cereal or blended — choose to your taste. You decide which one is the best. In any case, one of the offered brands will be an excellent complement to the gift that is sure to delight lovers of quality alcohol.

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