Antipasti, Preserves and Pickles

Antipasti and preserves are yet other dimension of gastronomy able to satisfy the inquisitive taste of a connoisseur. We offer real vegetable specialties created following the elegant recipes that enjoy continued popular appeal and enrich any table thanks to its refined looks, excellent taste and appetizing flavour.

For those who like to indulge in exotic flavours, we offer a wide selection of antipasti, pickles, vegetable dishes and sauces from the best European producers of globally proven high quality products. Here you will find absolutely everything, from the usual marinated olives to the famous truffles, a perfect spicy garnish for your table or an appetizing snack instead of a separate dish.

Refined marinated mushrooms, stuffed peppers, elegant artichokes, spicy capers, other canned vegetables and a variety of sauces perfectly complement the fish and meat dishes with new flavours.

All you need is to find a good use for them as a part of various dishes and enjoy their vibrant flavour.

Have you tried anything from our offers yet? Be sure to have a go! We are delicious and yummy. Bon appétit!

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