Gifts of the Sea

Fish Delicacies and Delicious Seafood

Fish delicacies and delicious seafood — a special group of products with its own flavour and aroma. These are a soft spot of every connoisseur, the pre-fabricated meals that rank highest among the world's esteemed delicatessen and worthy of any occasion.

Hot and cold smoked fish, sweet krill, pieces of salty herring, anchovy fillets, peppers with tuna, delicious crab meat, seafood cocktails, mussels and more in a variety of sauces, with vegetables and spices.

Delicious recipes for canning the fish with fragrant oils, delicate herbs and spices guarantee retaining the flavour, giving the product a completeness, distinctive feel, special appeal, and notes that tantalize you. Light and healthy, delicious and colourful — different specialties of fish with elegant and provocative tastes that enhance the distinctive taste of accompanying dishes.

Wellenmark offers a variety of canned seafood and fish delicacies in different packaging. Here, everyone will find something to their taste, ranging from a tin of sprats to delicate snails, oysters, scallops, red and black caviar. These products would perfectly complement a balanced gift basket or decorate your festive table.

Try the amazing taste of black caviar or the soft and delicate flavour of red caviar. Feel the taste as each roe corn explodes in your mouth. Appreciate the great taste of the best fish and seafood favourites. Having discovered them for yourself, you will never want to abandon this pleasure.

We offer you only the products that would have sold themselves; your basket holds top products that match your status and expectations.

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