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Chorizo, Jamon and Meat Pates

Meat is versatile. It is combined with a wide variety of products. Every nation has delicatessen that are famous throughout the world and are able to infatuate the sophisticated connoisseurs of high cuisine. Delicatessen of selected tender pork, beef, spicy lamb, delicatessen of poultry and game. Cooked using various recipes, treated with natural herbs and spices, they give a unique bouquet and intense, full-bodied taste sensations.

With you in mind, we have selected only the best packaged delicatessen from the best European and world meat producers. All these are “premium” products suitable as independent treats for banquets and friendly get-togethers alike.

Finished packaged delicatessen is a real find for lovers of fine meat specialties. The vibrant variety of the selection on offer would satisfy anyone, even those with the most sophisticated demands, capturing the imaginations of the most discerning connoisseurs.

Get the most out of spiced cold cuts carved from the best dry-cured and smoked delicatessen. Enjoy the taste of mousses, galantine, rillette and pasties prepared with fruits, mushrooms, alcohol and various other natural ingredients. Treat yourself to game sausages in the tin or exotic tinned delicatessen.

Touch a unique taste, explore new combinations. Discover the best cooking traditions for delicatessen. Take a fascinating journey through the vibrant diversity of delicatessen available at Wellenmark. Right now. Open the package and enjoy.

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