Wine, Prosecco and Champagne

Throughout the world, wine is the elixir of inspiration, health and youth, a sign of wealth and good taste. Red or white, aged or young, good wine brings joy to those who are ready to delve into its wonderful qualities. Velvety red, temperamental white — take a sip and the liquid will carry you away to a world of exhilarating flavours and unique aftertastes, complementing, transforming and emphasising the taste of any dish, creating a romantic and welcoming atmosphere with a touch of finesse. It will help you live to the full, revealing the subtleties of the taste bouquet and new dimensions of desire.

Wine is a diverse drink that can be a stylish, modern, expensive, exclusive or touching gift. But it is always the right present. The proven unique recipe, the tradition and selected grape sorts create the magic of this drink, while abundant diversity invites everyone to discover a unique but favourite nuance, fullness of the bouquet and nobility of the aroma.

On your screen you’re viewing the best wines from around the world — premium wines from Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina and many other countries. Their originality, uniqueness and unexpected shades of flavour have earned worldwide fame and conquered billions of fans, creating a special world and consumption culture.

Buy wine from the best global wine-makers because it will be a stunning addition to any occasion. Share your tastes with your loved one, treating them to exquisite wine. And may you have many more reasons to try the most diverse world beverage that will continue to delight and astonish.

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