Gift baskets, chocolate, delicacies and drinks for you.
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Wellenmark - a place where gifts are made. Shop for those who value their time and comfort. We created it so that you can buy a gift basket at any time and under any circumstances in the shortest possible time. Enjoy a variety of tastes without leaving home or office.

We are here for corporate customers and individuals; we invite each of you to a fantastic tour with our virtual explanation, in which we will introduce you to sweets and a range of designed gift baskets with treats for your friends, relatives, superiors, colleagues, clients or business partners.

In our gift shop, you will get hand-wrapped gift baskets with treats from exclusive brands - you will surprise and delight the recipients and enhance the pleasant atmosphere of the celebration. The combination of tasty alcohol and small sweets will turn every celebration into a unique moment. The original design, the top quality of each of the ingredients, but also their excellence, contribute to the gratitude of your gift and give the celebration a unique flavor.

Alcohol Gifts

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